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  • info@dcad.co.uk

  • Help Desk / Support

  • Our Help Desk is available to all customers supporting all DCAD supplied products, services and facilities.

    Whether you take an ad-hoc or a contracted services offering our support is always there for you. Using our own job logging system our support desk is immediately notified of your issue. Our engineers can then evaluate, advise, support and ultimately remedy your issues in the best manor possible. Contracted customers are able to use our job logging system internally and escalate within their establishments only requesting DCAD support services when required. 

  • No Extra Charges

    If you have purchased a product or Service from us and manufacturers warranties have expired we will always try and help resolve your issues or recommend the best action to take. If you have not purchased a product or service from ourselves but would like us to support you for various reasons then we have a number of fixed cost support contracts you may be interested in.

  • Help with Absolutely Anything

    If you have any IT related requirement within your education establishment then we can most probably help. If we do find something we cannot help with directly then we most certainly know where to find you the help and advice you require.