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  • Network Services

  • We have a full range of support packages ranging from telephone/email/remote support through ad-hoc call outs to weekly/fortnightly scheduled visits. Our support team have come from and continue to work in schools and fully understand the demands and pressures running your network involves.

  • Tailored Packages

    Permanent on-site technicians, Temporary cover contracts,
    Scheduled fortnightly / weekly visits, Ad-hoc callouts,
    Emergency callouts, Remote / telephone support

    Whatever the level of cover and frequency you require we are sure we have the right support package for you.

  • Predictable Costs

    Taking a dcad fixed contract makes sense for both parties, dcad can plan and therefore do not have to over charge to cover quiet periods and from the customers side there are no nasty financial surprises in times of failure.

  • Ramped-Up Productivity

    Having the correct support in place gives peace of mind and freedom to develop with new technologies, as and when they arrive. Trust in the IT systems and services of your establishment is key to pushing productivity forward.

  • We Are Always Available

    All support packages come with our on-site "job logging" facility. The level of logging and support can be tailored to meet your specific requirements but all levels include the "Escalate to dcad Engineer" option, to enable quick resolution of internally unsolvable issues.