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    DCAD are in education for education. We totally believe that "education price" should mean the best price possible, no matter what.

    We will never oversell or be pressured to agree to implementing upgrades on a whim or because "The school down the road did it".

  • DCAD Ltd were established in 2003 to provide cost effective services and support to the education sector. Fourteen years later, the company continues to support many primary and secondary schools in the Herts & Essex area, with high quality-low cost IT support and installations.

    We believe deeply that properly installed and maintained equipment has a huge effect on students learning and attitude towards IT in school. We pride ourselves on the fantastic customer service we have become known for over the years and will never leave a job unfinished or a customer unhappy.

  • DCAD differ from other suppliers as all of our engineers currently work or have worked directly in schools, colleges and academies. Because of this you can be sure we understand the pressures to deliver and the level of support needed in education.