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  • Networking

    We have a full range of support packages ranging from telephone/email/remote support through ad-hoc call outs to weekly/fortnightly scheduled visits. Our support team have come from and continue to work in schools and fully understand the demands and pressures running your network involves.

  • Tailored Packages

    Permanent on-site technicians, Temporary cover contracts,

    Scheduled fortnightly / weekly visits, Ad-hoc callouts,
    Emergency callouts, Remote / telephone support

    Whatever the level of cover and frequency you require we are sure we have the right support package for you.

  • Predictable Costs

    Taking a DCAD fixed contract makes sense for both parties, DCAD can plan and therefore do not have to over charge to cover quiet periods and from the customers side there are no nasty financial surprises in times of failure.

  • IT Consulting

    DCAD can help in all aspects of designing, running supporting and recovering your IT Services.

    Whether you are looking to replace a bank of laptops or are planning a whole site virtualization project, our years of experience in the education sector means we we will be able to advise you of the best plan to get the most from your money and not regret any purchase.

  • Trustworthy Advice

  • Reliable Communication

  • Data Backup

    Has the explosive growth in data requirements put pressure on your backups? Speak to DCAD about co-location backup solutions. 

  • Plan for Unexpected Issues

  • Safeguard and Defend Your Establishment

  • Quick and Reliable Data Recovery

  • Help Desk Support

    Our Help Desk is available to all customers supporting all DCAD supplied products, services and facilities.

    Whether you take an ad-hoc or a contracted services offering our support is always there for you. Using our own job logging system our support desk is immediately notified of your issue. Our engineers can then evaluate, advise, support and ultimately remedy your issues in the best manor possible. Contracted customers are able to use our job logging system internally and escalate within their establishments only requesting DCAD support services when required. 

  • No Extra Charges

    If you have purchased a product or Service from us and manufacturers warranties have expired we will always try and help resolve your issues or recommend the best action to take. If you have not purchased a product or service from ourselves but would like us to support you for various reasons then we have a number of fixed cost support contracts you may be interested in.

  • Help with Any Enquiry

    If you have any IT related requirement within your education establishment then we can most probably help. If we do find something we cannot help with directly then we most certainly know where to find you the help and advice you require.

  • Maintenance

    Preventative maintenance is often overlooked however in doing so can lead to unexpected service outages leading to unhappy users and un-budgeted costs. 

    If you would like an Audio Visual Maintenance check, Network Services check, 5 year plan makeover or a general IT health check then get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

  • Network Check - Audits, firmware, core and edge switching checks.


  • A/V Maintenance - Projector filter clean, cable inspection (damage, length), face plate check, bulb hours, warranty check, power saving implemented.

  • WiFi - Coverage, bandwidth, A/P check, Security.

  • Hardware and Software

    DCAD have partnered with many manufacturers and suppliers over the years and our key criteria are reliability, value for money, technology and support. We do however endeavour to find the exact product you require at the best possible price. Many of our preferred providers support Public Sector pricing to ensure you get the best possible return on investment.

    As with the ever evolving hardware market, software services are increasingly changing. With the move to the Cloud many applications are being offered as a service. We work with our customers to evaluate and source the best packages and options available.